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Past Events:

November 3, 2013
Big Pine Key, FL

Ski Trip Feb. 2014
Brian Head, UT

Las Vegas, NV
March 2014

Greenbelt, MD
May 3, 2014

Florida Keys
November 2014

Ski Trips
Winter 2015

Florida Keys
October 2015

Winter in Utah
Winter 2016

Florida Keys
October 2016

Proposed Future Events:

POTENTIALLY a spring event at
Davidsonville Yacht Club For mingling in 2017

Las Vegas plus
Bryce & Grand Canyons

Florida Keys
October or November

Ski Trips
Winter in Utah

Any time of year

The Caribbean
Cruise Ship or Resort

Fly to Hawaii
Any Time of Year

This all leads up to
The Big 50th Reunion
May or June 2019

Past & Future Events

November 3, 2013
Big Pine Key, FL

Ski Trip Jan. 2014
Beaver Creek, CO

Ski Trip Feb. 2014
Brian Head, UT

Las Vegas, NV
March 2014

45th Annual Reunion
Greenbelt, MD
May 2014

Florida Keys
November 2014

Ski Trips
Winter 2015

Bryce Canyon
Grand Canyon
Spring 2015

Florida Keys
November 2016

Ski Trips
Winter 2016

Medicare Reunion
Spring 2016


The Caribbean
Cruise in 2018

Fly to Hawaii
in 2018

Bankruptcy Court
in 2018

This all leads up to

The Big 50th Reunion
May or June 2019

Here some photos of the Yacht Club Reunion 2017

and we are working on the 2019 Reunion, known as "The BIG 50." These shots are in no particular order.

Bill and Maggie Smith arrived early to check out the Yacht Club.

Tony Adee, Jim Smith and Gish (Jim Gscheidle) were all in a good mood right from the start.

Bill Booth and David Erhardt were checking out the home-brewed beer that David brought.

Karen DeThomas and Rick Fallica were discussing the prospects for the Yacht Club Reunion.

Bob Wallace was explaining to Cindy Allen his next maritime adventure on board The Odyssey.

Marilyn Roberts and husband, Dave Graham, get a surprise from the camera.

Joyce Pickens and Barbara Hanson Walton were reminiscing about old times at the high school.

Allan Gold and his wife, Rosemary, were enjoying the ambiance of the Yacht Club as David Harrington looks on.

Melanie Bond was describing her trip up from Florida as Kim and Sam Salamy arrived.

Janet Brennan and husband, Lance, were checking in as Larry Strickling arrived.

The mingling and conversation were flowing smoothly at the Harbor Hills Yacht Club.

Diane Henshaw, Karen Howard Ashlin in background and __UNKNOWN __

Karen and John Ashlin with Jim Kinnett in background.

Bob Bryan checks in as Peggy Painter, Jackie Holmes and Vince Bello arrive.

Winship Wheatley jokes as Marcie Datlow Smith and Paula Gordon Silverberg look on.

Marlene Grim, Jenny Lucas Miller and Linda Maier Lord having fun as they check in.

Guys sampling the shrimp appetizers before the main course of Barbecue.

Denny Roche and his wife, Jamie, flew in from some exotic vacation just to mingle.

Classmates were also able to watch the Kentucky Derby on TV during the reunion.

Steve Vagnoni, Janet Nagler, Harriet Clark Shuck and Kenny Burns join the party.

Bill Myers and Tim Norman enjoy a few laughs as the crowd engages in serious conversations.

Do you think they had a good time ?

We ALSO had FUN at the Reunion 2016.

Date was May 7, 2016 and Time was 4 PM - 8 PM
The new LOCATION was the Quality Inn of Laurel

We had about 40 classmates show up on the top floor party room and we mingled. Names are in Quiz below.

There were some serious discussions and some musical entertainment.

The Reunion was on the 5th Floor in the Chesapeake Room.
We just got some more photos taken by Wally Mah:

Answers to the Who's Who QUIZ above are shown below:

Paula Gordon, Jackie Holmes Bello, Leslee Lanhardt, Jim Kinnett
David Erhardt, John Ashlin
Marcee Datlow, Fred Gordin
Sam Salamy, Ed Allen
Rickie Fallica, David Harrington, Jim Smith, Winship Wheatley
David Harrington, Robert Wallace, Jim Kinnett, Leslee Lanhardt, Vince Bello
Cindy Allen, Pat McAllister, Pat McAllister, Ed Allen
Paul Johnson, Pat McAllister, Jim Kinnett, Leslee Lanhardt
Marcee Datlow Smith, Paula Gordon Silberberg, Robert Wallace, Karon Horton
Paula Steere Newquist, Mary Lynch
Wally Mah, Ed Allen, Sam Salamy, John Newquist
Nancy Booth, Bill Booth

The Location had to be CHANGED less than a month prior to the event. Somehow we managed to adjust. Pizza was served. We had BYOB and one intrepid classmate even brought his own home-brewed beer to share. He might even have more to share at the next reunion. We are trying to convince him (David Erhardt) to call it, "69 Wildcats Ale."

That is just a quick REVIEW. There is more to come.

More Photos and video clips will be posted here as soon as possible (probably mid-June).

We now have the details for the Next Reunion at a Davidsonville Yacht Club.

And, . . . we just got a Photo submittal from a classmate who could not make it to Laurel:

Robb Terrell

This Reunion was supposed to be a Garden Party

The site for our 47th "Medicare" REUNION was to be the historic Snow Hill Manor in Laurel, MD

Click Here for the complete History of Snow Hill Manor since 1755.
Click Here for helpful hints and links to the real Medicare web page.

Due to Last Minute Changes by PGC Parks and Recreation, we could not even have food nor drink.

We could NOT bring alcohol to the reunion. We could NOT bring any food.
Music had to be approved by Police.

We would have to HIRE Park Police to stand guard during our entire reunion.

Caterers had to be from an approved list. Our original caterer, Ledos, is no longer on the Approved List, even though they had recently catered an event for Governor Hogan at the Snow Hill Manor. Full service catering would cost a LOT more than delivered pizza.

We also had to sell tickets and provide an accurate count of attendees from "consecutively numbered tickets." The deadline to submit that was April 15. This requirement was imposed April 8 with less than a week to sell tickets to a Free event.

There were also additional charges for setting up tables and chairs that was not previously mentioned.

All of this came up LESS than 30 days prior to our reunion. This was imposed by PG County Parks & Recreation.

This was way too much and there was no way that we could comply. Attempts at resolution were futile.

That is why we had to shift to Quality Inn, Laurel on April 14.

The Manor house was conveniently located just off Rt. 197 in Laurel near the intersection of Contee Road. See map below. Two motels are less than a mile away. There are plenty more hotels and motels nearby. This historic Manor House is less than 5 miles away from the site of the previous Reunion at the Hilton in Greenbelt. From that location, go north on BW Parkway and take Rt. 197 north. At the third traffic light, turn right and make an immediate left onto a gravel driveway to the Manor House parking area.

The house will hold 60 people and the patio outside will hold 100. The grounds are very spacious and beautifully landscaped.

Snow Hill Manor was chosen to provide a more intimate experience focused on mingling and conversation versus loud entertainment. There will be music. Ed Allen and Sam Salamy will provide acoustic guitar interludes in the Manor House during the afternoon. We cannot have amplified music, so it is doubtful we can even have the DJ any more. Apparently this is all part of New Rules.

NO food will be provided. This is all due to last minute rules. The plan was for the small finger food snacks in the afternoon and then pizza delivery in the evening. The Manor House has strict rules on food. It must be catered. Attendees cannot bring food. With regard to drinks, and especially alcoholic beverages Attendees definitely CANNOT BRING DRINKS

We would have been forced to hire Police to enforce the rules / laws.

There is NO COST to attend.

Attendees at Snow Hill Manor had to be warned NOT to bring any food or drinks to share with other classmates (like for example a bottle of wine). There possibly for bottled water to be provided was snuffed out, too.

Attendees are welcome to make donations at the time they arrive. There are costs to rent the Manor House. Classmates who want to contribute more substantially as a "Donor" will be listed at the entrance. Excess funds will be used to organize the next Reunion. Suggestions have been made to have REUNIONS - ANNUALLY leading up the Big 50th year since Graduation Extravaganza.

The Snow Hill Manor is one site that has become difficult. We all need to evaluate these venues. We can go to even smaller, less costly places or we can go back to the big hotel concept. We have had suggestions for attending a BaySox game, outdoor picnics and other options. For 2016, let's try the Snow Hill Manor and see what adjustments we need to make. Recommendations can always be sent to:

Here is the official address for your GPS: 13301 Laurel-Bowie Road, Laurel, MD 20708

Click Here for more detailed photos of the Snow Hill Manor.

Please spread the word among other classmates or friends who might enjoy the festivities. Use Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to discuss the event. There were many classmates who lived nearby the last reunion and did not attend. We want to see them. Offer to drive if a classmate needs a ride or let the organizers know and we will make arrangements. There should be no excuses for not attending.

The DATE for this reunion is Saturday, May 7, 2016. Yes, that is the day BEFORE Mother's Day, and Yes 2016 .
Other dates and locations were considered. Classmates can make recommendations for other dates and places.


Some classmates have offered to send in contributions or donations. Click Here for the Full Story on Finances.

Click Here for a Review of the Big Reunion May 3, 2014

Click Here for a quick link to the 2014 REUNION BAND.

Wally Mah has done an extraordinary job of running the NHS Class of 1969 web site. He and a few others said they needed volunteers to set up a committee to organize another reunion. Once you start organizing, why stop at just one?

I signed up to help out and then thought to myself, "Oh, what the hell." . . . . . R. Weber

This web site is an entirely new approach to reunions. It can be a "Virtual Reunion," running 24 / 7 if people will contribute pictures and stories and video clips. If you cannot attend an actual big reunion, then we will bring the reunions to YOU. This will be done through a series of "Mini-Reunions," and assorted vacation trips, and online.

The concept is highly controversial thus far. Here is what some of the comments are that have been received:

  • "This will never work. Its a stupid idea. Why don't you just have one reunion?" . . . Herbert
  • "You must be crazy. No one is going to go to all these events. Get real." . . . . Nancy

There has to be some scheduling for people to plan in advance. The dates and places are not set in stone. We can make some changes and if there is no interest, then we cancel that particular event. Some Wildcats will be in all these places on all these dates, anyway. The only thing we are doing is _ORGANIZING_ it so that people can plan ahead.

If you do not attend, then we plan to post the photos and videos of the events _ONLINE_ for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking of Viewing Pleasure, . .

CLICK HERE for a YouTube clip of a Northwestern Football Game from 1967 submitted by Dona Turner.

Thank you, Dona, for sharing that link so that we can all see how it looked back when we attended high school. It sure looks better back then.

CLICK HERE for a YouTube clip to answer What To Do in RETIREMENT.

The main act for our 45th Reunion on May 3, 2014 was drawn from:

See if you can recognize a Northwestern classmate in that band photo above.

Here are some photos of the Reunions that have been held previously. We did a search on Google to find these pictures and we are not sure they are accurate. If anyone has some REAL photos from the Reunions, then send as email attachments to

What a great turnout coming to the last Reunion !!!

The hair looks familiar, but I don't recognize the faces, . . . .

Are you sure this was Northwestern Class of '69 Reunion ???

They look vaguely familiar, but I am still not sure we have the right photos.

If anyone has some REAL photos from the Reunions, then send as email attachments to

Questions or comments can be sent to: