Proposed Events:

November 3, 2013
Big Pine Key, FL

Ski Trip Jan. 2014
Beaver Creek, CO

Ski Trip Feb. 2014
Brian Head, UT

Las Vegas, NV
March 2014

Carolina Reunion
April 2014

Annapolis or
Greenbelt, MD
May 2014

Northern Virginia
June 2014

Southern California
Summer 2014

November 2014

Ski Trips
Winter 2015

Bryce Canyon
Grand Canyon
Spring 2015

November 2016

Ski Trips
Winter 2016


The Caribbean
Cruise in 2016

Fly to Hawaii
in 2017

Bankruptcy Court
in 2018

This all leads up to
The Big 50th Reunion
May or June 2019

This is a PROPOSAL for a Mini-Reunion in Southern California, Summer of 2014 .

We know some Wildcats live out there. Some work in Hollywood. Wouldn't it be cool to see them and talk about movies?

The PROPOSAL presented below is based upon numerous trips to southern California by the organizing folks.
The facilities in "SoCal" are certainly adequate and most importantly, attendees can have a wonderful time there.

Here is a link to a generic site. On the main page, they have a link to Meetings & Banquets, that also has menus and many other details needed for planning an event. The party does NOT have to be there. We can go to another hotel, or if not enough people sign up, we could still have a smaller gathering at a restaurant. We can also meet at someone's house or condo if they don't mind hosting a party. (We can arrange to pay for a clean-up crew.)

It all depends upon the numbers and your feedback will determine the interest.

Here are some of the cool things about scheduling anything in the southern California:


Please notice that EITHER Los Angeles or San Diego has been proposed for a Reunion in Summer 2014.

ANY type of Reunion will cost money. $250.00 per person is probably the minimum possible for the reunion itself. Transportation, hotel rooms, other meals or activities like a golf tournament would obviously cost more. There is NO deadline YET, because there is no event booked. So far, it is just a SUGGESTION.

The whole point of this web site is to determine what kind of interest there might be for such events.

This is where it all comes down to YOU. - Nothing, . . and we mean nothing, can happen unless we get some feedback.
If Southern California has no appeal for you, then fine. . . Ignore this page and look for another event you might attend.

Questions or comments must be sent to:

ALL correspondence has to be done via email. Sorry, but phone calls are just so outdated.

Below are some photos and YouTube clips of having fun in Southern California.

We want photos or videos of YOU having fun in Southern California.

If you have some, then send them via email as an attachment.

Obviously, someone else's reunion.